Saturday, May 07, 2011

Alive and traveling

I just dont feel like writing anymore but I sure want to put my photos up


Omani Jewel said...

But why? personally I had stopped blogging for a very long and now am ready to go back.... the power of the pen hehheehe now key board is amazing and can be theraputic do u not think so ??

ColOman said...

Wow, you got married. Mabrook. when was this?

Werent you working in a bank?

Lirun said...

please post

Faisal said...

Oman is nice. Anyways, Saddam Hussein was right when he said the gulf is Arabian not Persian.

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Serviced apartments pattaya said...

I can understand that you do not want to write anymore. It takes inspiration and mood to blog. It will be great to post pictures of your travels at least.

Shula B said...

I ubderstand your feeling, been there, done that, left and came back after 6 months, back to writing, in slow moe.

Looking forward for your photos, and visit my blog :)

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