Saturday, September 12, 2009

Things that make you hmmmmmmmmmm around the Nile

What the hell is a Television Camera????

What’s with home made stickers on a national landmark signboard, and why the hell would a visitor bring along a Commercial TV?

Football editon Toyota!

Tip me people, not just the crew

The translation in arabic "Belt Area'

That is one heavy door, but we want your business, really

Start measuring where you can set up shop, boy!

Check out the Haj's last name!

Do you need a sign for ‘Don’t put your kids on the escalator's hand rails’!!!

If there is fire on the wing, don't open the door!! The door handle might be too hot

Safety is our priority

Only in Egypt

This toilet is for ladis with buns only

This toilet is not for Males its for refined Gentlemen


I thought these monuments were 3000 years old

Buffet sign.... Yummy how appetizing... can I have a stinker with it

Now that's a first!