Saturday, May 16, 2009

A new stage in my life

First of all I have to apologize to everyone for not writing for so long and especially Lirun, who kept asking me to blog. There is has been a lot of things happening in my life, my pc kept crashing and I lost my photo software which I use to resize photos for blogging. The PC crashed more than once. Then I could not find software to resize photos that are simple to use, I finally got something.

A journey into the storm

I was traveling for work in Egypt and then took a few days for holidays and went on the famous Nile cruise. While on holiday I got a call informing me that all is clear and should come and sign an employment contract with a firm I applied for a few months ago.


I got back home resigned from my job and decided to take a short break before joining the new job. The day before I was supposed to travel, I had an allergic reaction to something I ate that nearly killed me. I have never had any kind of allergic reaction before, and having nearly chocked to death, from eating something in a buffet at a restaurant, got me paranoid since I did not know what triggered the reaction.

I had to take a detour on my break and do some medical check ups which came out negative and I still don’t know the cause of my allergic reaction. The doctor said I could develop allergies any time, so I need to test everything I eat. I have to walk around with an Epi Pen and make sure there is a medical center next to me, in case I need it, till date I don’t know what triggered it but I'm less paranoid since I have been testing all kinds of food.

Which way to go?

Another big event was my old dog was dying and seeing him in that state broke my heart, he would not eat or move but if I called him, he tried his best to get up, but when he finally wobbled and fell, I knew it was time. I was helpless and although I had taken him to the vet a few times that week, and he was looking better, he would kept relapsing very fast and get from bad to worse.

The vet told me that the dog is really old and I should expect him to die if he went into surgery. There was something showing the X-ray but one vet did not want to take the risk while the other one said it worth opening him up and finding out if there is something they can treat. I basically told them, at this stage you might as well take all kind of risks because he was dying. Shockingly, they found a 4-5 kilo tumor in him that was pressing on all his organs. The tumor was nearly 15% of his weight. They basically opened him up from one end to the other.

compare the size of finger vs. the size of the tumor

The dog is much better now but we had to take lots of care of him and had to feed him special food several times a day, make sure he is not acting funny, tablets, putting cream on his wound …..

Work has been very hectic but enjoyable and on a final note I am about to be a dad in a few weeks and we have been going around doing all the shopping needed, going back and forth to Dubai on weekends…. and I have checkout all the baby shops in Oman by now and my wife is finally satisfied with the stuff we bought