Thursday, February 05, 2009

South Beach, Miami: Scarface R.I.P.

Scarface, my favorite movie of all times, influenced audiences around the world forever about Miami in the way Jaws did to audiences about sharks. The movie which took place in South Beach was about crime, poverty, drugs living the in the fast lane, money, power, women and the American dream, is nothing but distant mirage now.

South Beach is now a fancy, fashionable, cool and expensive place to live in. Crime is nearly non existent and people are friendly, beautiful, sexy and hot. This place is part of Latin America that happens to be in the USA. People speak to you in Spanish first and then give you a weird look if you respond in English. People here are flashy, colorful and loud. The Art Deco style the area has is unique and gives you a sense that you are stuck in time yet you are in 21st century.

I personally loved it, but I know of people who think its pretentious but if you look visit Dubai & California, then these guys are humble in comparison. I would move there if I had a good opportunity, but I love Oman too much to leave again. Along with the hot people comes plastic surgery and funnily, I have seen more boob jobs in South Beach than anywhere else in the world. These people put Lebanon to shame when it comes to plastic surgery. Scarface had an amazing face lift.


Lirun said...

u have an awesom eye

ColOman said...

Thanks............... sir

Lirun said...

my pleasure

ive never been to miami but pics of it always remind me of israel..

i cant explain it

maybe its the bauhaus meets art deco ish thing going on

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