Friday, January 02, 2009

New York: The city finally takes a siesta

Big Ben, NYC style

Being insomniac can not be healthy……so finally the New York that never sleeps takes a siesta after 73 years… the since Great Recession in 1929.

Make use of the land you to the max

I have always loved the energy the city has, all the options it provides, the entrainment it provides, but the city is a shadow of its past….. many shops are for sale or rent. You can see that on every corner, discounts are steep in all retail stores and on top of every sale you get an extra 20% to 50% discount if you buy on that day as an extra enticement. These are crazy times for this great city. The recession has hit hard and it visible even in this mighty city.

Spare no expense on the details

I recall first going to NYC in the mid 90’s when it was rough and crime was ramped. There were homeless people and drug peddlers everywhere, I recall a street hustler offering me anything I wanted from drugs to a Green Card to a Social Security Card to a driving license. When we wanted to go an after hour night club at 4 a.m. We ended up going gambling din with heavily armed people by mistake.. . It was just like the movies. I later went in the late 90’s and I was shocked to see how Giuliani has cleaned up the place, he did a great job, his zero tolerance policy did wonders.

It wouldn't be NY without Graffti
10 years later, the city is still safe and clean, the homeless have returned but they are harmless and don’t bother you. The metro is clean and graffiti is a thing of the past. For now the city is taking a breather but they will come back and there is not stopping that.

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