Friday, December 05, 2008

NYC & Miami: Here we come

Don't even start; I know this isn't the best time to visit, but it just happened. Yes you read it right, it just happened! We were heading to Reunion, Mauritius and Seychelles for 2 weeks, taking advantage of Eid holidays, it did not work out for several reasons so we booked one week in Thailand, all set to go, the protestors blocked the airport and it would not finish so we canceled......

We were running out of time so we decided to go Malaysia and Singapore but the flights were booked and we had to be on waiting list and take a long route for a short holiday, it was not worth it, plus we just got back from there this summer.

What do we do? My wife wanted us to head to London, oh no, please not again, I find it boring, sorry if I offend anyone, but London is not for me. We kept going back and forth and then……….. it dawned on me, we have visas to America and there are direct flights to New York plus we have not been there together. We got friends and family in both cities and they are amazing places to visit for entertainment for short time.

So yes it all happened in the last 5 days, we are booked and ready to go folks…

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sail Oman: Marketing Oman Strategically

The official Logo

There are many ways of selling your product and one of them is positioning. Using sailing boats to compete in races globally is spot on. Associating a country with this kind of sport is excellent in my opinion.

A model of real sailing boat presented to the honorary guest

In terms of investment, it’s cheaper than throwing money on TV ads or pulling a crazy publicity stunt by building a structure that costs billions of dollars. Sailing is associated with folks with cash and that is what we want as country in terms of tourism. If you recall, Rolex, UBS Private Banking and the likes always try to associate with competitive sailing because these are the hobbies of their target market.

They had two real sailing boat in the water and two on land

Oman now has its own sailing boats and they are investing in having Omanis man the boats and compete in races around the world. In the presentation officially launching the sail boats, I was truly dazzled with the idea. The female world record holder for sailing around the world solo,Shirley Robertson, gave a speech and we saw video clips of her extraordinary journey.

The band played music while we feasted

I later went into the Bustan Palace Hotel for the first time after its renovation and I have to say, I was very impressed. They no longer have the tacky loud shouting colored furniture; they have done it this time with elegance.

Shirley Robertson telling us her story

Double Mabrook on the great jobs Oman.