Sunday, November 09, 2008


My affectionate Jebal dog

Life has been super hectic for me with lot of stuff happening. Good things mostly but not adventures or outdoorish. I need some time off.

After the operation, sedated and in pain

I have been working super long hours, taking work home, lots of pressure, traveled to Egypt and the UAE for work for a few days, I have sorted out getting my car permit, which I imported from US through Dubai and was not allowed into Oman, after months of running up and down, my boat keeps breaking down and sorting out the parts are not always easy, my pet fish of 10 years died of old age, my dog had a lump and operation was done to remove it, my brother is getting married, my Aunt & uncle and a few cousins have come from South America and Europe to stay with us for the wedding and end of the year season, we moved houses again and we settled in, we have fumigated the out side of the house a few times after finding scorpions and snakes around the yard and we waiting for furniture we ordered to arrive, my camera broke

The Tumor from my dog

So I am distracted from blogging but I hope things will settle down in the next couple of weeks.


Lirun said...

sounds like you need a nice holiday to .. israel :)

ColOman said...

I dont think I am allowed in and I do get I wont be allowed back home......... so I think I need to pass on the idea buddy