Sunday, November 16, 2008

Egypt: Senses overload

The view from our hotel

Kayos, overwhelmed, cluster phobia, overcrowded, pollution, mayhem is my impression of Cairo, the city that never sleeps. This place is not a place to go and relax and chill, it’s a place were your senses get overloaded with a million of things happening at the same time.

El Gouna, picture perfect

We attended a wedding, which was great fun, so we were mostly consumed by that, but we also took some time off and went Hurghada and El Gouna, which was at a chilled out pace and normal.

Egypt's landmark

You never get to see the Sphinx's tail for somereason

Sadly we only got to see the pyramids form a historic sense, the good news was this country has improved tremendously in terms of order as I did not get harassed by corrupt cops, hustlers and vendors on the street like the first time I visited in 1999. My aim is to go the Valley of Kings one day and see the wonders the place has.

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BuJassem said...

beautiful!! i'd love to visit. thanks for the pictures Coloman :)
i never been but i really wanna go.. i will make sure to get loads of sleep b4 i travel :P