Friday, November 28, 2008

Cityscape Dubai: Look at me, I also got real estate to sell

Shiekh Mo gracing the exhibition

Wow, someone actually trying to sell real estate

I was in Dubai for Cityscape, supposedly the biggest real exhibition in the world, this was the final glimmer of hope for the world in the real estate market, if this succeeds, the real estate market could take a breather, well we all know what happened next.
The Bubble show

VIP room with real grass at the entrance

Being there I was in astonished, not at the weird building being presented, crazy concepts of architecture, number of exhibitors, visitors but at the amount of beautiful women being flown in from around the world as models and the bizarre gimmicks the developers were using to attract attention to their stand.
Neon Violin

The gimmicks had nothing to do with development, but then again having hot babes in skanky cloths selling sports cars and perfumes, has not to do with the product they are selling. Saying that there were some really attention- grabbing exhibition stands, besides development models with scales unseen before with lights and smoke, there were some exhibitors with a cinema room with drinks and snacks, another with a bar setting with funky night club dressed sales people, one had a coffee shop with an espresso machine and Starbucks feel to it, another had sales ladies wearing hijabs, one even had a real grass pitch with VIP room that needed a password to get into and the list continues.
The Table Lady

But some even went further, with a table lady, the bubble musician, the dancing ‘Moulin Rouge’ dressed models, and the Chllo player. All in all it’s an entertaining spectacle worth a watch even if your not interested in buying real estate.


Bobby said...

Haha! The table ladu is awesome!
how lucky these people have been to see and write at her!

Anonymous said...

Why did you say 'supposedly the biggest real estate exhibition'? I've been to every real estate event in the world and nothing even comes close to Cityscape in terms of size, quality of stands, models etc etc.

ColOman said...

SIMA also claims to be the biggest....... With Dubai it could another stunt to get attention