Monday, November 24, 2008

Bangladesh Night in Oman

With 700 albums to her name, she is a legend in Bangladesh

I get call on Wednesday and I was invited to go to Bangladesh Night in Oman in Qurum Amphitheater the next day. It’s a night that showcases Bengali musical talent. I am not a fan of that type of Music but I was obliged to go since I was given a VIP card and special access card from the main sponsor, Oman International Exchange.
With 16,000 songs published, I figured it would take her over 43.5 years if she recorded a song a day! Now that’s quality, Not!

Getting there was an eye opener as security was tight, thousands of people waiting, in the parking area, crowds pushing each other to get closer to the gate, riot police in full gear, TV crews, journalist, cameramen. What is happening? This is much bigger event that I thought it was.
Front raw, VIP's only please.

Getting in through the crowds with ease, because of the access card and going into the VIP lounge, was a treat. No less than 20 ambassadors and many other diplomats and dignitaries were waiting for the show to start. Wow, what am I doing here, I am neither of the above.
The lucky few who got in first

When we were told to head to the concert and sit in the designated area for VIP’s, I was in shock at the amount of people in the amphitheater and the crowds who were trying to get in and being turned back even though they have tickets, this was crazy, this was equivalent to watching Madonna in concert for Bangladeshis in Oman.
Bangali Rock Star

Bangali Idols

The show was different to what I am used to for a concert. There were many famous Bengali celebrities, singing a song and then leavening the stage to have another singer sing one song. Most interestingly, I met the owner, who happens to be Bangladeshi to my surprise, of the world renowned nightclub of Dubai ‘ Cyclone’.


whoissecretdubai said...


Do you, by any chance, happen to know who Secret Dubai (the blogger) is?

Undercover Dragon said...

So what did you learn about running the cyclone?

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit confused, was this a Bangladeshi event or a Bengali event?

ColOman said...

I thought that is sort of the same, even though there are Bengalis in India too?

Anonymous said...

People from Bangladesh are usually called Bangladeshi's.

Bengali's are people who belong to the state of West Bengal in India i.e they are Indians.

Though Bangladesh was carved out of Bengal, and 98% of its people can be considered to be of Bengali origin, the fact is that Bengalis and Bangladeshis belong to two completely different cultures, which is why Bangladesh was formed in the first place.

Bengali's are mostly Hindu's whereas Bangladeshi's lmostly follow Islam.

ColOman said...

I just learnt something new, thanks

Anonymous said...

Not at all, I've learned a lot from your blog as well ;-)

Anonymous said...

can you please upload the complete video in youtube or somewhere else.