Sunday, November 30, 2008

Egyptian Arabic

They call it 'Aswaq' not even Souq for one shop, mama mia

Wow, I didn't know that was an Arabic word

Check out the word for Bus

Wow that is Arabic

Friday, November 28, 2008

Cityscape Dubai: Look at me, I also got real estate to sell

Shiekh Mo gracing the exhibition

Wow, someone actually trying to sell real estate

I was in Dubai for Cityscape, supposedly the biggest real exhibition in the world, this was the final glimmer of hope for the world in the real estate market, if this succeeds, the real estate market could take a breather, well we all know what happened next.
The Bubble show

VIP room with real grass at the entrance

Being there I was in astonished, not at the weird building being presented, crazy concepts of architecture, number of exhibitors, visitors but at the amount of beautiful women being flown in from around the world as models and the bizarre gimmicks the developers were using to attract attention to their stand.
Neon Violin

The gimmicks had nothing to do with development, but then again having hot babes in skanky cloths selling sports cars and perfumes, has not to do with the product they are selling. Saying that there were some really attention- grabbing exhibition stands, besides development models with scales unseen before with lights and smoke, there were some exhibitors with a cinema room with drinks and snacks, another with a bar setting with funky night club dressed sales people, one had a coffee shop with an espresso machine and Starbucks feel to it, another had sales ladies wearing hijabs, one even had a real grass pitch with VIP room that needed a password to get into and the list continues.
The Table Lady

But some even went further, with a table lady, the bubble musician, the dancing ‘Moulin Rouge’ dressed models, and the Chllo player. All in all it’s an entertaining spectacle worth a watch even if your not interested in buying real estate.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bangladesh Night in Oman

With 700 albums to her name, she is a legend in Bangladesh

I get call on Wednesday and I was invited to go to Bangladesh Night in Oman in Qurum Amphitheater the next day. It’s a night that showcases Bengali musical talent. I am not a fan of that type of Music but I was obliged to go since I was given a VIP card and special access card from the main sponsor, Oman International Exchange.
With 16,000 songs published, I figured it would take her over 43.5 years if she recorded a song a day! Now that’s quality, Not!

Getting there was an eye opener as security was tight, thousands of people waiting, in the parking area, crowds pushing each other to get closer to the gate, riot police in full gear, TV crews, journalist, cameramen. What is happening? This is much bigger event that I thought it was.
Front raw, VIP's only please.

Getting in through the crowds with ease, because of the access card and going into the VIP lounge, was a treat. No less than 20 ambassadors and many other diplomats and dignitaries were waiting for the show to start. Wow, what am I doing here, I am neither of the above.
The lucky few who got in first

When we were told to head to the concert and sit in the designated area for VIP’s, I was in shock at the amount of people in the amphitheater and the crowds who were trying to get in and being turned back even though they have tickets, this was crazy, this was equivalent to watching Madonna in concert for Bangladeshis in Oman.
Bangali Rock Star

Bangali Idols

The show was different to what I am used to for a concert. There were many famous Bengali celebrities, singing a song and then leavening the stage to have another singer sing one song. Most interestingly, I met the owner, who happens to be Bangladeshi to my surprise, of the world renowned nightclub of Dubai ‘ Cyclone’.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things that make you say hmmmmmmmmmmm in Egypt

The 2008 Mummy edition, he travels by plane too

Ramp it boy, no climbing around here

Check out the sexy lips and piano fingers

No anchoring or fish feeding buddy

So you don't get scammed by the famous hustlers

The sign on the Shuttle from the plane to the airport? What is that? Who will have french fries or ice cream coming of a plane?

Who needs a goverment issued plate number when you can make one at home

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Egypt: Senses overload

The view from our hotel

Kayos, overwhelmed, cluster phobia, overcrowded, pollution, mayhem is my impression of Cairo, the city that never sleeps. This place is not a place to go and relax and chill, it’s a place were your senses get overloaded with a million of things happening at the same time.

El Gouna, picture perfect

We attended a wedding, which was great fun, so we were mostly consumed by that, but we also took some time off and went Hurghada and El Gouna, which was at a chilled out pace and normal.

Egypt's landmark

You never get to see the Sphinx's tail for somereason

Sadly we only got to see the pyramids form a historic sense, the good news was this country has improved tremendously in terms of order as I did not get harassed by corrupt cops, hustlers and vendors on the street like the first time I visited in 1999. My aim is to go the Valley of Kings one day and see the wonders the place has.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


My affectionate Jebal dog

Life has been super hectic for me with lot of stuff happening. Good things mostly but not adventures or outdoorish. I need some time off.

After the operation, sedated and in pain

I have been working super long hours, taking work home, lots of pressure, traveled to Egypt and the UAE for work for a few days, I have sorted out getting my car permit, which I imported from US through Dubai and was not allowed into Oman, after months of running up and down, my boat keeps breaking down and sorting out the parts are not always easy, my pet fish of 10 years died of old age, my dog had a lump and operation was done to remove it, my brother is getting married, my Aunt & uncle and a few cousins have come from South America and Europe to stay with us for the wedding and end of the year season, we moved houses again and we settled in, we have fumigated the out side of the house a few times after finding scorpions and snakes around the yard and we waiting for furniture we ordered to arrive, my camera broke

The Tumor from my dog

So I am distracted from blogging but I hope things will settle down in the next couple of weeks.