Monday, September 29, 2008

Syria, here we,, NO

We have wanted to go to Syria for sometime; I personally am fascinated with Damascus’ history. To me its one of the last real authentic cities left in Arabia, or at least I think so and I am about to find out.

So we are all prepared to go during Eid and then a bomb goes off near the old town……….its random and it kills 17 people. We change plans and decide to go to Greece, I run around to get the visa documents only to find the visa will not be ready on time, so we decide what the heck, lets go to Syria another bomb wont happen again, then BAM, a bomb in Tripoli, Lebanon.

Was it in retaliation? Was it Random? Whatever it is, we dropped the idea, and we need to figure out what to do for Eid.


BuJassem said...

ru serious? we were going to goto Damascus too for eid, then the bomb (also very tricky to get flights!).. ya rab.. i never been and really wanted to see syria.. maybe next eid..

Eid Mubarak btw,

also just thinking about it, it's very rare to get two carbombs one after each other, so statistically speaking the safest time to goto damascus is now!

esp since the last bomb was 17 yrs ago apparently.

alf salama

greece is nice too. i went last year, athens is gorgeous

Lirun said...

so what did u do?

shana tova btw

ColOman said...

Took the boat out and stayed over night, it got hot at night even more than the day and had engine trouble..............

Notorious said...

Syria is a bad idea trust me ,, only of course if ur stayin for a weekend and visit only historical place but not for a whole vacation like month ,,, simply depressing