Saturday, May 03, 2008

Back on the travel wagon

After 6 months of moving to Oman and settling in, we are going to start traveling again. I have been on plane and ‘traveled’ but I don’t think Bahrain, Salalah and UAE really count as traveling since they are a stone’s throw away.

We are heading to new territory that we have not chartered yet. The Philippines and Brunei. We are also going to Malaysia, but we have been there before.

The disappointing thing about the Philippines is that although they have over 7,000 islands and there are unlimited opportunities to see magnificent things such the great caves of Palawan, the rice fields which are considered to be the 8th wonder of the world, great dive wrecks from WWII, great cultures and lots unspoiled beaches, its very hard to commute between most towns and islands. A 120 km road could take you up to 8 to travel. This makes matter unfeasible and restrict what we can visit, disappointingly, I changed the all the arrangements after I have read extensively on the attractions we must visit since transportation was big issue. We are now going to Manila the capital and Boracay the resort Island. None the less, being in South East Asia and being able to speak English to everyone is going to be odd and visiting Marcos many white elephants will be interesting.

Brunei on the other hand, came across by chance since we wanted to see something new and the best connection to Malaysia is Brunei. This Oil rich country, seems to be running in an eccentric way, with the ruler building a theme park as gift for his people on the occasion his of birthday. Sadly, since the cost of running was not feasible charges for using it were introduced later. More oddly is a marvelous hotel built to dazzle only. Apparently even if occupancy was full for 100 years it won’t cover the cost of building this monument !!! Moreover, the stories of the ruler’s brother’s spending patterns of wasting $ 16 billion of the country money adds to its eccentricity.

With regards to Malaysia we are going there for a friends wedding.

So long everyone and blog to you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey my name is Suaad, I am from UAE but originally from Oman.

I think you are traveling now , inshalah u are enjoying your time.

I saw your pictures they are amazing, I miss oman a lot I hope you can provide me with special pictures about Oman ,,,

Ana Cristina said...

Hi, it's a quite interesting blog, and very nice pictures! Congrats! Regards from Portugal

ColOman said...

I am trying to get to Brazil from London but the fight connection does not seem easy........... I guess Portugal should be next.........