Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Australia: Cosmopolitan yet relaxed

These two words never go together, cosmopolitan and relaxed, yet when you’re in Sydney and Melbourne they're very relaxed for a big city and especially Melbourne and it seemed beer played an important role in most people's lives down under, which helped made them even more relaxed.

It’s amazing to see how much Australians love their beer. Its lunch time and loads of people are having a beer or two with their food and when its time to leave work it seemed the whole world was getting ready to drink, the surprising part was that they were not rowdy or loud.

I expected them to be tough, rough, noisy and looking for fight. This could be because of the stereotype I had in mind and what I know from their history about Australia being a place where criminals were sent, when it first started. I guess watching Australian rugby, Crocodile Dundee, The Crocodile Hunter and movies of Aborigines did influence me and gave me these stereotypes. The shock was when I found out that they are friendlier than people from big western cities.

When in Australia you should never miss, seeing the Opera house, its truly amazing and pictures don't do it justice at all, you should also try their Kangaroo and Crocodile pizza (Kangaroo tastes great but crocodile tastes like some bad smelly fish), you must also climb the Sydney bridge and go for a tour around the harbor.

I did not have enough time to see Australia beyond they two big cities and that is not in any way a fair reflection of what the country has to offer, I will make it a point to go around and see more the next time around after all, who doesn’t want to hang out with friendly people.


Seabee said...

I'm glad you discovered we're a friendly bunch!

Anonymous said...

Good to see a visitors perspective of my home town!

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