Friday, December 21, 2007

Back doing what I love

One of the 90, five thousand year old tombs

Camp site around Wadi Dham

Chillin in BK

Bander Kayran

Cool rock formation

Rays over Wadi Dham

It been some time since I got back to Oman and I have been spending lots of time doing what I like, enjoying the outdoors. Since I got back 5 weeks ago I have been camping and trekking in the Wahiba desert, Jabal Shams, Wadi Deel, Wadi Dhum, Majlis Al Jin, the The 5 thousand years old Tombs and taking out the boat and enjoying Bander Khyran more than once.

I tried to go to Khor Garama near Sur but the spare engine on the boat could not be fixed, oh well I will have to plan it for another time. So far its been great