Friday, November 02, 2007

ColOman interviewed

After two years exactly of starting my blog as an outlet to write and shares my thoughts and hobbies with ‘strangers’ on the web……the time has come for to reveal further information on myself…… I would have never thought I would ever do that when I started blogging, but things change and I am now really proud of this site.

Check out my interview on


Meticulousness said...

Wonderful set of photography and that was a pleasure to read though.

P.S. The competition was held in a local forum known as, I'm sure you heard about it.

eduardo waghorn said...

Salaam my friend!!
Yes, most of these pics have taken by myself...did u like them?
Hugs from Chile, Southamerica.

Take care, lets link, ok??:)

Amjad said...

That's indeed an interesting interview!

ColOman said...


I have not heared of Omanserv.....then again I have not been living in Oman for sometime now..


Intersting could be good or bad :)

Amjad said...

Well, in this case it's interesting as in good! :-p. I enjoyed reading the interview.

BuJ said...

Wow brilliant interview, alf mabrook :)

3ogbal your own chat show soon! just for photography and travel!

you're a bit older than i thought, but then again your posts are quite mature.. very good work

you could have at least smiled in z picture hehe

alf mabrook again and again!

i*maginate said...

Congrats ColOman!!!

I love your pics.

U're pretty cute too ;-)

Keep up the good work. Have you posted any other pics of Yemen? Would love to see them. If so, pls provide the link, thx.

Congrats once again!

ColOman said...


I am trying to look all tough and cool in the photo :)

Why would you think I was younger??? how could I afford traveling :)


Thanks gal

BuJ said...

hey, ur a banker.. i know bankers half your age that have travelled more.. so ur lucky in that aspect.. but the prob is that banking is the modern slavery.. the hours are crazy so that's why i kept away from it even though i'd probably do well in it.. i just enjoy seeing my building going up knowing exactly what part i had in its design and construction.. beats these ipod nano tombstones they give you when you seal a gazzilion dollar deal. is it still called a tombstone?

ColOman said...
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ColOman said...


Those kind of bankers are really slaves and have no lifes... they have Ferraris and they cant drive them cause they are always working.... and although they travel its only for work and they have leave as soon as it done.....the dont have time for friends or family. I thought after reading my post you would know me better.

I was a retail banker... so my working hours were 8 to 4 with a one hour break.... its not so bad and there is no way on earth I would ever be that kind of a slave for money where I would have no life other than work

I am moving because I think I am too much of slave for money now....
I still want more time for myself

Half my age would be 17 :)

10:57 PM

BuJ said...

I feel for you.. and I'm glad you moved to improve your quality of life.. plus money is not a finite thing.. there is no 100% in money.. you can always get more.. and more.. and especially when ur business is money.. things can get inflated.

so are u back close to BurJ Al Sa7wa?

ColOman said...

Your a wise BuJasim

Hoosain & Zarina & Nafeesa said...

Cool Pics, do u have any contact details, need some info plz

Cinderella said...

Great interview and awesome pics Coloman, mashallah! Keep on thrilling us..

ColOman said...