Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Grand Canyon: Tranquil & Surreal

Grand Canyon… is truly grand with amazing scenery. Imagine a river with rapid currents, high mountains all around, a rocky desert all over, yet some areas are fertile by the river, cool breeze in some areas while its scorching in others areas yet very dry, its a wired feeling, heat with no humidity, unlike nothing from this part of the world, and to top it all a new skywalk, a bridge made of glass over the Canyon. Bizarre in many ways yet tranquil.
I remember talking to muscati about going to Vegas and he told me the Grand Canyon is a must see ‘what is so special about a Canyon’. I asked, ‘It’s a Canyon with a river, like Jabal Shams I Oman, what’s the big deal? ’ I said naively. He looked at me as if I have lost my mind…’How can you compare the two?’
I am glad I took his advice, the helicopter ride, Hoover Damn, Lake Meed, meeting the Native Americans, seeing Las Vegas from a birds eye view and experiencing the majestic canyon was all truly rewarding.
Believe it or not this was the first time I have ever met a Native American, even though I’ve lived in the US for more than 7 years. They were kind and very friendly. We talked about their people, how their territories are effectively a country within a country, since they have their own laws and about the bridge, which is made of glass and how people are subjected to go through a metal detector because they kept throwing and dropping stuff into the canyon.

The Canyon is truly grand.


Suburban said...

Amazing. Even the photoraphs don't do it justice. Can you imagine being an early prospector, headed out to california and coming across that* in your covered wagon? It would blow my mind.

Try Hiking it top to bottom next time. Among others, I reccomend The hermit trail, camping at granite rapids overnight, and a dry camp on the tonto platform on the way back up.

If you haven't yet, get a copy of the Edward Abbey book, The Monkey Wrench Gang. THe way he writes about the American southwest makes me weep, and his descriptions of the vicinity and the onward march of progress are eerily accurate.

Hope you are having a great time.

ColOman said...

I did have a great time and I would love to do the hermit trail, but I am not sure when I will be able to do it.

The Canyon is so far away from my home, it took us over 20 hours to get there by plane.

Bridget Jones said...

I'm fascinated by the history of the Red Indians. Would have loved to be in your shoes when you spoke to the native american!

ColOman said...

They were truly great people