Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Parking Lot Effect On Palm Island Seabed

So here I am yesterday on my small boat with some friends trying to escape the heat of Dubai and we stopped between the Royal Mirage hotel beach and the Palm Island. As soon as the boat stopped I jumped in to cool off, only to feel even hotter in the water!!How can that be? Water is supposed to cool you off not feel like a Jacuzzi, but hey it could be something with water being trapped between the beach and the Palm Island.

So we decided to move on and pulled the anchor of boat only to find it’s full of cement on it, not sand!!!That when a friend said “this is the parking lot effect, the asphalt on the seabed produces heat instead of the sand absorbing the heat.”

I hope this is a temporary effect. The long term effects are going to be devastating with all these new projects.


Lirun said...

i was sure i commented on this already.. anyway - sounds pretty tragic.. imagine how a stray fish must feel swimming into a broth..

hate to imagine what kind of odours that thing may ultimately raise..

ColOman said...

I have posted the same article earlier in the UAE Community Blog.

muscati said...

Small boat, ha? I kinda remember it was a yacht when I read this post on UAE Community Blog.

ColOman said...

If you want to be technical its a 26 foot yacht, as per the legal documents of the country, unless you are accusing the government illegal papers. A Bolger who resurrected from the dead by the name Swatch Cat a.k.a. Watchdog, told me that no matter how big your yacht is, I still call it a boat!!

Go figure!

TripleTee said...

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Anonymous said...

How are you ...This is so scary...I hope they can do somethhing about it


Lirun said...

26 is a nice length for sailing..

Meticulousness said...

What a blunder!

ColOman said...


Got no sail on my boat. Its a motored boat :(

Amina said...

What can I say about Palm Island?
It is a masterpiece of our generation. Engineer technologies or whatever is it has developed to such levels, so people are able to create artificial islands!! I still cannot realize it!!!
Now only Dubai property
have in its collection such islands, but before we could say Jack Robinson such projects will be build on different parts of the world.