Monday, May 28, 2007

Things that make you say hmmmm in Azerbaijan

The road sign is not exaggerating the danger

No thanks buddy... I'll pass on your offer
And you thought Burj Al Arab had it all

Who needs a truck?

I still can’t figure the this electricity pole out !


Per Your Request said...

Lol, especially picture 2.

Lirun said...


Jawahir Jewels said...

hehehee i just couldnt stop laughing

Amjad said...


BTW where is Azerbaijan? A reader of my blog sent me an e-mail from Azerbaijan and said he will be coming to Oman soon for work.

ColOman said...


Haram 3alik, I am sure you find out easily online or in your Uni books :)

It in the north of Iran/Turkey

sujuk said...

heard it makes a good meal especially fot bteakfast