Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jermaine Jackson: ‘I’m your biggest fan’

So here I am in Dubai airport heading to Oman on Friday and I suddenly pass by a man and woman who are walking while I use the automatic walk way. I look back again and tell myself, that’s ‘Jermaine Jackson” so I take few seconds to stare and then build up the courage to ask and he reply’s “yes’ with a smile.

Wow, this man used to be in one of the biggest selling and best known bands in the world, The Jackson Five. Women used to go crazy over him. His brother Michael Jackson is the best selling artist of all times while his sister Janet Jackson is also one of the best selling female artists in the music industry.

Here he is walking in major international airport and not a single person recognizes him, except me. He seemed happy that a fans still remembered him. Jermaine was really nice and went into some details about what he was doing here, he had a project in Abu Dhabi. I thanked him and walked off…. A few minutes later, I asked if can take his photo, while we were riding the escalator. He was more than happy and said, let’s take photo together.

We spoke a little about his bro Mike being in Oman and we parted ways…………… as I sang ‘why don’t you do what you do….”

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Jawahir Jewels said...

thats nice am glad for u... it must have made ur day it would have if i was in ur place....