Saturday, April 28, 2007

.... and the winner is....

‘I love you all’… these should have been my words when I won the 2 tickets with 5 days hotel accommodation to Malaysia. The cherry on top was the 5 days is considered work.

I was over the moon, winning a prize which has to do with travel, alhamed lillah, just what I like to do as a hobby, travel, and to top it, getting paid to have to do it.

I talked to the travel agent and arranged with work to change the destination and I’ll pay the difference and they agreed. So having been in Malaysia before, I wanted to see a new place(s) so I deiced to head to Azerbaijan and Georgia.

We have a friend in Azerbaijan and we plan to meet in Baku then head to Xinaliq, Guba ,Sheki and Laza. A few days later go to Tiblisi, Georgia then to Mtskheta, Kazbegi, vardzia and Davit Gareja.

It would be my first time in that region and although I have been to Turkey before, this should be different. Turkey was the Middle East, Azerbaijan and Gerogia are in East Europe/ Middle East there might be some similarities but I am sure the Soviet, Christen/ Muslim and European influence, will make this destination unique.


Jawahir Jewels said...

congratulations ....:)

ColOman said...

Thank you... thank you.. I love you all

Mr.Elegant said...

so did u come back? or not yet?
we wanna know what happed! :)