Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I have been fascinated with trucks for the last two to three years. When I say trucks, I don’t mean your everyday ‘construction’ truck. I am getting into the luxury trucks such as the Escalade, Avalanche, Hummer H2, Ford F-150 trucks and the Titan.

These cars have changed the concept of trucks from a rugged, tough and rough ride to a mixture of comfort and ruggedness. It seems more and more people are getting into it these luxury trucks in the GCC. I was especially surprised when I saw a few of them in Oman.

Who knows, I might be the next one in town driving a luxury truck.


Devilish said...

yup it became the latest fashion statement in town

do I see a F150 Harley Davidson coming your way !

ColOman said...

Not F150, but waiting for something else :)

Devilish said...

the new Tundra !?

Nizo said...

Sorry for the belated response but I just discovered your blog.

I love trucks too..

Does Honda sell its Ridgeline in the GCC, I wonder.. it's a great truck in case you're looking for one.

ColOman said...

OK, people the hit is in the photo.


I don't think we have the Ridgeline.