Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cambodia: A Glorious Cruel Past

Words fail to explain what man has done to Cambodia. The Cambodians defeated logic over 1000 years ago and did again 30 years ago. They created the largest man made structure dedicated to God 800 years ago and then disappeared from the face of the earth without a trace. Hundreds for mammoth size temples remain even after the Khmer Rouge destroyed a large number of them.

The Cambodians made headlines around the world 30 years ago, again, but this time because Pol Pot, Brother Number one, the countries leader, who killed a quarter of his own people because they were educated and they could read! Anyone wearing glasses was qualified as educated and was killed ! All the relatives of the educated person, were also killed brutally by hacking or by grapping infants from their feet and smashing their heads on a tree branch to avoid wasting bullets!

Nothing escaped the destruction, the central bank, all religious, medical and educational building were destroyed and everyone was forced to work in the fields. The most Ironic thing about the whole massacre was that Pol Pot was himself highly educated in France and worked as a lawyer.

Today Cambodia is recovering from their miserable past and the country lives in peace. Starting from year Zero, like Pol Pot wanted to achieve, it will take decades to recover, but Angkor Watt is truly magical and the 400 square kilometers of scattered temples will blow your mind away, metaphorically speaking. So if you lover history and want to see how far humans can get to, check out the Khmer Land.

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