Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tuk-Tuks form around the world

While Thailand was the first country I came across a Tuk-Tuk, I got to see many more and now I am fascinated by the many Tuk-Tuk versions I have seen around the world.

Thailand: Photo from

Cambodia: These guys have all kinds of Tuk-Tuk versions

Cambodia Tuk Tuk Truck


Vietnam: Manual Tuk-Tuk

Cuba: They call it Coco Taxi

UK: Even the UK have started selling Tuk-Tuks. Photo from


Per Your Request said...

Im impressed by your exposure, and the fact that you notice the little things.

ColOman said...

I don't think its that little. These Tuk-Tuk do look very different, I think !

Per Your Request said...

yes they do, but the fact that you noticed that. My train of thought would be more like "look, they have tuk-tuks here too!" totally disregarding the difference.