Saturday, January 13, 2007

Salsa in Mozambique

Althoguh not on most people's radar, Mozambique with its amazing diving and just 2 hours drive from Kruger Park, South Africa, we just had to checkout this little visited country. After all Maputo, the capital, is the only Latin influenced capital in Africa. Imagine being in Africa and dancing salsa! Speaking Portuguese in Africa! Sound interesting enough to me to go and check out.

I searched and searched the internet and barely found anything and that should have been a clue that Maputo has nothing to offer!! But I thought it was due to the language barrier, Portuguese, that I wasn't be able to Google most websites!

Although extremely poor, the country is a lot safer than South Africa and the people are not pushy at all. I knew the country came out of civil war but I did not know that the country is sleepy all week long and only comes to life on the weekend. As luck has it, we got there on Monday and everything was closed! People don’t hang out at all during the week and to make matters worse, because it was summer time in Africa, many of the restaurants and club owners close shop for the whole summer and go on vacation!

Even the diving was poor,of Inhaca island, with massive swells and hardly any fish, but the visibility was great. For the first time in 18 years I got sea sick, because of the massive swells. All other tourist attractions are pretty much impossible to get to by car because of the horrible road conditions. A 100 km drive to Cosa de ‘Oro and dive town by the South African boarder would have taken us 4 hours and the hotels were of poor quality so we had to scratch that idea out of the agenda.

The country has enormous natural potential and lots of people are getting rich as there are plenty of opportunities with hardly any competition and there are many multinationals jumping in, to get a slice of the action. The seafood is also amazing but besides that, its not time salsa in Mozambique, yet.

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