Friday, December 21, 2007

Back doing what I love

One of the 90, five thousand year old tombs

Camp site around Wadi Dham

Chillin in BK

Bander Kayran

Cool rock formation

Rays over Wadi Dham

It been some time since I got back to Oman and I have been spending lots of time doing what I like, enjoying the outdoors. Since I got back 5 weeks ago I have been camping and trekking in the Wahiba desert, Jabal Shams, Wadi Deel, Wadi Dhum, Majlis Al Jin, the The 5 thousand years old Tombs and taking out the boat and enjoying Bander Khyran more than once.

I tried to go to Khor Garama near Sur but the spare engine on the boat could not be fixed, oh well I will have to plan it for another time. So far its been great

Friday, November 02, 2007

ColOman interviewed

After two years exactly of starting my blog as an outlet to write and shares my thoughts and hobbies with ‘strangers’ on the web……the time has come for to reveal further information on myself…… I would have never thought I would ever do that when I started blogging, but things change and I am now really proud of this site.

Check out my interview on

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Winner On A Global Scale

A panel of judges chose my photo to feature in HSBC Global Calendar… from over 5,000 photos only 13 got selected. The Global Calendar will be displayed in over 7000 offices of HSBC world wide and some of theirs clients will be given the calendar as complementary gifts. Yes ladies and gentlemen you are looking at an award winning photo on a global scale….with a $1000 tag on it…

Monday, October 22, 2007

So Long Everybody and Thanks For The Fish

The time has come for me to return home to Oman…. Its been over 3 years in Dubai and I have seen the impossible in many aspects happen…. It was interesting times…. Las Vegas on Prozac is the best way to describe it, but I long for a simpler life... away from the rat race rush and traffic somewhere where I can enjoy the outdoors more and see my friends and family when I choose to.

I guess I finally answered the question I posted 2 years on my first post ever… and its freedom 100%.

Thank you Dubai, you have thought many things that I will never forget. I will always come and visit this place and keep in touch with some great friends I met. So long everybody and thanks for the fish.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hawaii: Guaranteed Rainbows

Can you recall how many rainbows you have seen in your life? Less than 10,20 or 50. Well, I hardly see rainbows and I don’t think I have seen more than 35 rainbows in all my life and the ones I saw do not have all the colors. Its novelty to see one, unless you go to the rainbow state, Hawaii.

At first I did not pay too much attention to the signs around me but after seeing 2-3 rainbows a day, I started to see rainbows used as trademarks everywhere on the Islands. I guess with the never changing weather, a combination of drizzle and sun your bound to see rainbows more than once a day.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Things that make you say hmmmm in Hawaii

No trash

Walk on your own risk

No wondering around here

They ain't joking when they say its hot
Hawaii toilets
Cool mail box
Hawaii Five O
Can't read
Something is not adding up

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hawaii: The Prize at a Price

Clear waters, relaxed laid back atmosphere, unique marine life, delicious Asian cuisine, lush green, exotic looking people, a friendly and safe place, perfect temperature that never changes, advanced facilities, great service, daily drizzle, rainbows seen daily, waterfalls, great entertainment…. sounds like paradise? Well not quite, you always need to read the fine print in the advertisement.

All this come at a price, a very high price, so high that the Hawaiian natives can not afford and they are moving to main land USA. A sad reality for natives, but a great life for the wealthy. The real estate price is beyond reach of normal people and the one’s who do own a land move to the main land and buy 2-3 house from the proceeds of selling their land in Hawaii.

I was told by a Hawaiian, ‘The white man moves into our houses and we move into their houses’. How bizarre is that? The land of guaranteed rainbows is only for the ones who can afford to pay the price for paradise. The Prize comes at a Price.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Grand Canyon: Tranquil & Surreal

Grand Canyon… is truly grand with amazing scenery. Imagine a river with rapid currents, high mountains all around, a rocky desert all over, yet some areas are fertile by the river, cool breeze in some areas while its scorching in others areas yet very dry, its a wired feeling, heat with no humidity, unlike nothing from this part of the world, and to top it all a new skywalk, a bridge made of glass over the Canyon. Bizarre in many ways yet tranquil.
I remember talking to muscati about going to Vegas and he told me the Grand Canyon is a must see ‘what is so special about a Canyon’. I asked, ‘It’s a Canyon with a river, like Jabal Shams I Oman, what’s the big deal? ’ I said naively. He looked at me as if I have lost my mind…’How can you compare the two?’
I am glad I took his advice, the helicopter ride, Hoover Damn, Lake Meed, meeting the Native Americans, seeing Las Vegas from a birds eye view and experiencing the majestic canyon was all truly rewarding.
Believe it or not this was the first time I have ever met a Native American, even though I’ve lived in the US for more than 7 years. They were kind and very friendly. We talked about their people, how their territories are effectively a country within a country, since they have their own laws and about the bridge, which is made of glass and how people are subjected to go through a metal detector because they kept throwing and dropping stuff into the canyon.

The Canyon is truly grand.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Things that make you say hmmmm in Georgia

All clear to walk... how many signs can you count on this empty street?
Heavey duty house keys?
The year 2099
Van was

Extra boost for the speeder
I have never seen sheep swim!
A beautiful Mind

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Georgia: Visit Without Prejudice

No I am not referring to the state of Georgia in the US; but to the Republic of Georgia in East Europe. OK what’s in Georgia to go and see? These were my thoughts, but a friend of mine, who has a company there, told me it was really worth going to.
This got me interested as I was already going to Azerbaijan anyway, and Georgia would be one hour away by plane. However, all I knew about this ex-Soviet state was that they are in bad terms with Russia. Call me ignorant or close minded, but that's the truth. I was a bit nervous going there due to safety concerns and the language barrier. Yes I was stereotyping thinking that its mafia infested; and after visiting Azerbaijan, I was expecting the same topography.
The airport was a breeze, no hassles, no visa, no questions about what am I doing in Georgia or where am I staying, they just stamped my passport as if I was Georgian!!
The driver, also my guide, picks me up and he speaks ‘Zero’ English’. This only adds to my nervousness and raises the question what am I going to do for next few days? Luckyly he picks up his daughter from University who is fluent in English.
As we approach Tbilisi, the capital, I felt as if I am going into a modern medieval city, with interesting and unique architecture. The topography is nothing like Baku in Azerbaijan, with high mountains, churches everywhere, a river that runs through the city, then as we approach the city center, it feels and looks like any western European city, with great Victorian buildings everywhere.
The people are kind, deeply devoted christen who give respect to every church they pass, by crossing themselves, women enter church only if they wear a scarf. Georgian are proud of their heritage and culture which is very rich and unique. Their food is also unique and Georgian pride themselves in inventing wine and spreading to the world through the Silk Route. The stone city of Uplistsikhe is like no other. This city that dates back to thousands of years has a few remains that are still impressive by any measure. Georgia is truly breathtaking and their only downfall is the language barrier. Ironically I was told, the country has less than 100 tourists at any give time, and all foreigners are there on business, even more Ironic is that we all know the most famous Georgian, the man who changed history forever, Joseph Staline.

All I can say is to visit this country without any prejudice.