Wednesday, November 15, 2006

South Africa and Jaws

The movie ‘Jaws’ created such a scare in the 1970’s beach goers were suddenly afraid to swim in the sea and many beaches were deserted. The music from the movie is legendary and people know it instantly and immediately think of great white shark, Jaws.

The great white was always around but suddenly after the movie was out; there was no greater danger to humans than Jaws, we were his favorite dish! People till date are afraid of the sea because of Jaws.

The truth is you are more likely by 1000 time to die from a car accident than by the great white. The great white sharks do not target humans and very rarely attack humans, and if they do it because they mistake humans for seals, their favorite dish. Moreover, if they do attack they are most likely to let the human go. Bull sharks do attack more often but the possibility of that happening is still very remote.

While in South Africa we had to do cage diving with the great white shark. We wanted to see Jaws. We had the impression it will be attacking the cage violently, instead we saw a shark moving slowly with grace trying to nibble on the moving bait.

It was disappointing and the scariest and most shocking part of it is getting into the freezing cold water. Interestingly, many people do snorkel around that area, frequently, looking for abalone knowing that there are a large amount of great white sharks looking for seals in the bay.

That’s why attacks happen.

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evenstar said...


Wow! You've certainly covered some ground since I was here last! You photos are great man! I hope all's going really well for you :) I'll be back to catch up!

You crazy huh? Getting in the water with those fish! I always wondered about the wisdom of teaching them that things that go splash off boats are big hunks of food too....