Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Sink Hole becomes the Stink Hole

One of the most magnificent places in Oman and one of the greatest natural spots of our country, is ‘Habitat Al- Najem” or “ Bait Al-Afreet” or as the English speakers called the Sink Hole, in Dhabab is turning into a Stink Hole, if it not regulated properly.

The municipality in its effort to woe tourist to this amazing wonder has built a park around it, sadly even before the park has started, trash is starting to accumulate. I wonder what will happen to this area when the park is fully open.

I hope, they would be wise enough not to let anyone bring food or drinks into the park or they might just be asking to destroy the delicate habitat.


fatamo said...

That's a realll shame, I would hate for the sink hole to become a trashy tourist place. I went there when it was pretty much unknown, it's absolutely beautiful!

Emilio said...

The gulf the blog author is talking about does not exist. Try the Persian Gulf instead. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving us a heads up on what to expect there and a good pointer for the govt to clean up the place.
I wanted to request if you could give me the directions to this place or the area as we live in Dubai and have seen quite a few places in Oman but this one.
Accept advance thanks.