Thursday, August 10, 2006

Plan A and B

Monday the 21st, is holiday so we decided to make the best out of and travel. We took Saturday and Sunday off work and clubbed it with the Thursday and Friday weekend, which gave us 5 days.

We initially wanted to go to Cambodia and see Angkor Wat, this has been on the agenda for some time but things keep coming up. This time we fixed everything up, until it was time pay and then, by luck, I found out it was monsoon season and it was super humid at this time of the year.

So we had to come with plan B. I had to think of somewhere close and interesting, somewhere we had not been before and Athens, Greece was the kind of place that would be perfect for 5 days. It’s close and rich of history and culture. So I get the holy book of travel ‘The Lonely Planet’ and start reading and I run into a paragraph that says its peak tourist season, and it great if you want to on the islands partying and sun bathing, however, Athens’ temperature is around 40 degrees and its humid. That set off an alarm and my friend, who went where 2 years ago, also confirmed that its not pleasant if you are outdoors in Athens in August.

So we had to come with plan C.


secretdubai said...

Hello - I added you to the blogroll at UAE community blog - if you would like a member invitation there, just email me at [my username here] at gmail.

ColOman said...

Thanks for addding me.

muscati said...

I found that I got older I no longer find the Lonely Planet books relevent for my travel needs. Last time I traveled in Europe I ended up relying on Time Out travel guides which I found much better.

ColOman said...

Hmmm, does Time Out have anything about history or off the beaten track ?

Plus I don't think they have Time Out Cambodia or Time Out Yemen!

I might be wrong but impression is that Time-Out is for people who entertainment only and in selective countries.