Friday, July 28, 2006

Casablanca Airport: Morocco

During the rush and chaos of leaving Casablanca airport, handing over the rent a car, taking our luggage through security and boarding the plane, I lost my camera. The camera with the couple of lenses are valued at around $1,500/-, but most importantly the 600 photos I took while in Morocco, were all gone.

We only noticed that the camera was missing when the plane landed in Tunis. That’s when I went nuts; I was mad at myself and really upset. How can I do such a stupid thing and forget a bulky camera case, which is always with me in all my travels.

There was nothing we could do about it, it was gone, but out of desperations we tried to remember when we saw it last and all I can remember was putting it through the X-ray machine, at the airport. So we started calling Morocco, trying to get the number for the airport, it was a lost case, but it I was desperate and willing to do anything to get it back.

After a few phone calls and getting passed around, a police officer from the ‘Lost & Found Department’ confirmed having the camera. I could no believe my ears; I called him twice again asking for the description of the camera and while the officer was getting annoyed from my calls I was jumping with joy.

His words “this is an Ammanh’ the camera is safe with us and it be here for you to collect. I loved Morocco, the people were friendly, nice, the country was beautiful, interesting, rich in culture and safe, but the camera incident just made me greater respect for them.

The police officers in 3rd world countries like Morocco are paid peanuts and many of them hassle you for bribes, even the couple of times I was caught speeding, the policemen, who were about to fine me, cut me some slack after I talked to them. This would be their best opportunity to extort money from us, but I guess I was either lucky and stumbled into honest cops or the corrupt cops stories are a myth of the passed.


fatamo said...

Omg you were most definitely L-U-C-K-Y. I don't mean to be a pessimist, but I've been to Morocco twice, and my experience there with the authorities hasn't been the absolute best.

Anyways, the locals were incredibly friendly, though.

Anonymous said...

I lost my camera in Morocco as well but it was stolen...all my pictures gone :( But luckily the people with me had lots of pics to share...I'm lucky in that respect. Love this blog by the way, very cool keggy :)

ColOman said...

Deary Anony,

I am half Colombian, so I always on my guard............... having it stolne for not putting an eye on it is differnet from someone breaking in or snatching it