Friday, June 09, 2006

San Andres, Colombia: Fantasy Island

A fantasy island by Nicaragua, lush green, protected by a huge coral reef, where diving is perfect all year long, no mosquitoes, where the weather temperature never changes, where Henry Morgan ,the pirate, hid his treasure, an island who’s inhabitants speak English as their first language and Spanish is the official language, where people are laid back and don’t consider themselves Colombian or Latin, for that matter but, Caribbean, this is the tiny island of San Andres.

I know it sounds like a commercial but it felt like fantasy when we were there last September. Everything looked like a fantasy; the hotel, the bar, the tranquil crystals clear waters, even their history and music instruments.

I hope these simple photos above can illustrate this fantasy Island. I was amazed with a band that used a horse’s jaw as a music instrument to make nice rattling noises and used a big bucket to make a deep base sound. It was really great fun and I would recommend everyone to check this island out.


otokbrac said...

nice pictures

Devilish said...

Cool pics !

ColOman said...

Thanks guys. Hope you like the new photos.

Ana Maria Bula said...

Hi there,
Nice pictures, you have a lot of talent. Looking at your pictures make anyone invision themselves within the trip.
Ana Maria Bulla
New Jersey, U.S.A.

Yarilyn said...

Hi ColOman, I don't know if you know exactly the history of that beautiful Island, well I know a little bit only because I was born in Nicaragua and everybody was talking that San Andres was part of my country, well now that I read your comment I realize the people from there they don't consider to be from Nicaragua or Colombia, jajaja that make me laugh because I have read a lot of articules on newspapers talking all the time about the origin of the island.

I'm glad that you enjoy your vacations in there, look like a paradise let me tell you.

I hope one day I'll decide to go there for vacations too.
I'll post in links your blog.