Monday, May 15, 2006

OTE taking you for a 'Ride'

We bought a new car from OTE in Oman and we were so happy with it. It was a good deal and we got the car cheaper than in the UAE.

A small sticker on the window says 'MUST service at 1,000 km'. The car's warranty is covered all over the Gulf, which is a great thing and it's one of the main reasons we bought it. Fast forward and the car is done 1,000 km, and I am in Dubai and decide to take it for service, the agent in Dubai tells me, 'Why do you want to service it at 1,000 km ? Do you mean 10,000 km ?

I am not sure how to answer him and confirm to him that there is a sticker in the car that says I have to service it at 1,000 km. The agent tells me, want us to take your money, then come down now and we will, but it's not needed till the 10,000 km.!!

I check with OTE in Oman and I was told, its not a MUST, but OTE wants to ensure the car is good condition? and making sure would cost us $ 80 when it should be free!

Even worse the warranty says, if not serviced every 5,000 km the warranty is not covered, but the same car in Dubai needs sevice every 10,000 KM. How much money will that cost us over the years?

I guess OTE did not give us a good deal after all and they are taking everyone in Oman for a 'ride' !

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