Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Don Omar, Van Morrison, Eminem and Prince

Its been over 2 years since I bought a CD. I got an I pod last year and hardly used it. Not sure why although I have love music and have over 600 CDs.

It could be that I now live in Dubai and get to listen to the all these radio channels unlike in when I was in Oman, which has one English radio channel, or it could be that in the back of my mind, I still believe that I will use the I pod one day and get to download music for free.

My love for music was revived when my dad asked me to buy him some CDs from Virgin Mega store, in Mall of the Emirates. While looking for his CDs I bought myself for the 3rd time Van Morrison's 'Days like This' to listen to my favorite song 'Ancient Highway'. I seem to be loosing this CD everytime I buy it.

I also got myself Prince's new album 3121 based on Muscati's recommendation, which I thought had two good songs only, Emimen's Curtain Call, which is quite good and best of all Don Omar's 'Reggaeton Latino'.

Let's hope the love for music stay alive.


muscati said...

Radio isn't an alternative for me because I don't like most of the stuff they play. My kind of music doesn't get played very often on the radio. I'm surprised you only listen to radio because I remember you have an extremely eclictic taste, as evidenced by that Van Morrison song you like so much. By the way, you once had two copies of the Van Morrison album and gave one of them to me. I still have it.

Give the Prince album a chance, it will grow on you. Some songs on it I still don't like that much but there's a solid core that are really good.

ColOman said...

I feel I am being ripped off by paying all this money to buy a CD when I can get the music for free online.

But yes I am missing the music I like, and I don’t get to listen to the stuff I like as much.

P.S. Never heard the word 'Eclictic' before, you made me look up the word all to find out it was misspelled, but I found out what eclectic means.

Yarilyn said...

Ohh ColOman I love Don Omar music too