Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Don Omar, Van Morrison, Eminem and Prince

Its been over 2 years since I bought a CD. I got an I pod last year and hardly used it. Not sure why although I have love music and have over 600 CDs.

It could be that I now live in Dubai and get to listen to the all these radio channels unlike in when I was in Oman, which has one English radio channel, or it could be that in the back of my mind, I still believe that I will use the I pod one day and get to download music for free.

My love for music was revived when my dad asked me to buy him some CDs from Virgin Mega store, in Mall of the Emirates. While looking for his CDs I bought myself for the 3rd time Van Morrison's 'Days like This' to listen to my favorite song 'Ancient Highway'. I seem to be loosing this CD everytime I buy it.

I also got myself Prince's new album 3121 based on Muscati's recommendation, which I thought had two good songs only, Emimen's Curtain Call, which is quite good and best of all Don Omar's 'Reggaeton Latino'.

Let's hope the love for music stay alive.

Monday, May 29, 2006

When in Vietnam, do as the Vietnamese do?

We were in Vietnam last month around Hanoi, Sapa, Nah Trang and Saigon or Ho Chi Min City. The country is fabulous, safe and best of all cheap. Vietnam is also blessed with a diverse geography and is rich with culture. This makes it a great destination to visit.

When we travel, we do our best to try new things and in Hanoi it was drinking the cheapest beer in the world, Bia Hoi, which costs 10 cents for a large cup. (Think about it, with $3 and you can have a party with friends)

What’s even more interesting is that in the west you get peanuts to munch on with your beer, in Hanoi you have spicy squid! It was a great experience sitting in an ally way and drinking Bia Hoi with hundreds of people. These 'bars' pop around 4 p.m. everyday and most close around 8p.m. to 9 p.m. if I recall correctly. There are a few that stayed open till much later.

The other Vietnamese memorable thing I did in Saigon was having a fried scorpion and a stewed snake. The snake tasted fine but it was very bony, the scorpion dish on the other hand, tasted like shrimps, but did not look as appealing.

There was a dish that I could not bring myself to eat, a field rat, (as oppose to street or urban rat). Other items on the menu were crickets, turtles and pigeons.

Friday, May 26, 2006

The history of Blog

OK Boy & Girls its time to educate you about the History of blogging.

So please start taking notes.

Q- " what is a blog you ask?'

A- Its a " Personal online journal" with a little twist. Its not private, its public.

Q- When did it start?

A-Its hard to say but it appears it have started in 1997 by Jorn Barger, when he called 'Weblog' according to the The Economist.

Q - But where did the word 'Blog' come from?

A- A friend of Jorn was messing around and said ' We blog", and the word cought on.

Some blogging terms to help you appear infomred from Wikipedia:

"Spam blog
A blog which is composed of spam. A Spam blog or "any blog whose creator doesn't add any written value." aka Muscati blog.

One of the most popular blog awards.

A person who refuses to respond to comments on their blog from people outside their circle of friends.

The alert in the TrackBack system that notifies the original poster of a blog post when someone else writes an entry concerning the original post.
A blogger who exhibits adolescent tendencies and lacks basic social graces or good manners." example muscati

Class is over, no more questions.

Prince: Fallen from Grace

Prince, The Artist or that funny looking Symbol he once wanted to use as his name, the man who had endless hits in the 80s and in the beginning of the 90s, has made to the top again.

Its not his new album 3121 or anything to do with his music! He was voted the sexiest vegetarian for 2006.

I guess Muscati has something new to cheer about.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Going on holiday

So, its summer time and we are taking some time off to go to Lebanon, Morocco and Tunis. We are very excited although its a month from now. I finished the hotel arrangements from Lebanon but I need to sort out the rest.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Car insurance needed to enter Dubai

Dubai removed the boarder with Oman a few years ago and did not require cars from Oman to have insurance for the UAE if you entered from Dubai boarder point, while all other boarder point with the UAE required insurance.

We always had some trouble if we exited using other boarder points as we were not registered in the country.

Well things have changed 2 years ago and now there is check point across the boarder and today they put up a sign that says starting June UAE insurance will be needed to get into the UAE.

I feel the Dh 20 charge, that Oman charges, will introduced in the Dubai boarder soon too.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The new weekend in the UAE

AT last it official after years of rumors, Friday and Saturday will be the official holiday for the government and schools in the UAE instead of Thursday and Friday? When will Oman and the rest of the GCC do the same? Why does it take years to do so?

Qatar decided and did it in 3 months. Its that easy.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Cover up

I guess someone in Emirates Bank knows their geography. Check out how they changed the flags in the newspapers ADs today.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Priceless by Emirates Bank

Forget being part of this kind of action. I don't want to 'Win" with Emirates Bank and end up in Antarctica instead of Germany for the Football World Cup.

Emirates Bank needs be give the Red Card and fire their Marketing team and Advertising Agency. How can the biggest bank in the UAE use Iran and Mexico's flags and think they are using Italy's and Ghana!

Ad: $ 3000
Model: $ 250
Mess Up: Priceless

OTE taking you for a 'Ride'

We bought a new car from OTE in Oman and we were so happy with it. It was a good deal and we got the car cheaper than in the UAE.

A small sticker on the window says 'MUST service at 1,000 km'. The car's warranty is covered all over the Gulf, which is a great thing and it's one of the main reasons we bought it. Fast forward and the car is done 1,000 km, and I am in Dubai and decide to take it for service, the agent in Dubai tells me, 'Why do you want to service it at 1,000 km ? Do you mean 10,000 km ?

I am not sure how to answer him and confirm to him that there is a sticker in the car that says I have to service it at 1,000 km. The agent tells me, want us to take your money, then come down now and we will, but it's not needed till the 10,000 km.!!

I check with OTE in Oman and I was told, its not a MUST, but OTE wants to ensure the car is good condition? and making sure would cost us $ 80 when it should be free!

Even worse the warranty says, if not serviced every 5,000 km the warranty is not covered, but the same car in Dubai needs sevice every 10,000 KM. How much money will that cost us over the years?

I guess OTE did not give us a good deal after all and they are taking everyone in Oman for a 'ride' !