Saturday, December 03, 2005

Post Lumbar Headache

It was time for me to take care of this small bump on my foot that keeps going and coming and causes me some discomfort for over a year or so. I took it a bit more seriously when it got bigger and went to see the doctor in July.

The doctor said that he would recommend a small half an hour surgery to remove and check what it is but its most likely nothing serious. I was a bit reluctant about doing a surgery since local anesthetics was not an option.

But heck, if I have to do it sooner or later I deiced to it on November. Just before the surgery I was told I can do a spinal Anastasia instead of a general one. So I went for the spinal which is apparently safer. 'Big Fuckin Mistake'

While doing the surgery the spinal, to the astonishment of all, did not work at all so they gave me a general one. After surgery my foot was fine but my head felt as if a truck was parked on it and every time I moved someone with a bat was hitting me. The good news was this awful pain was not 'suppose' to happen but it would gradually stop after 24 hours, well it didn't and they said wait for another agonising 48 hours, 72 hours…… I have never felt so much pain for such a long time in my life. Apparently I had Post Lumbar Headache and it happens to 1% of people but for 24 hours.

I was an extreme case and the cure was not recommended as there could be complications. Any way after more than 10 days of laying down with hardly any movement and seeing a neurologist I am feeling better but still not fully back to normal.

Reading this article didn't help my moral much either

I hope no one ever goes through this kind of torment and don't you ever agree to a spinal.