Wednesday, November 02, 2005

When is Eid?

Why can't we decide when Eid is astronomically?

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muscati said...

Because even astronomers disagree over it. Some said Friday and some said Thursday.

The quran says that eid has to be decided by seeing the new moon. The logical way if a country decides to go for astronomical calculation is to only accept the calculation if it is possible to be viewed. For example this year it was rumored that Oman started Ramadhan based on a calculation. The calculation said that the moon was born on a Monday afternoon and was not possible to have been seen by the naked eye on that night. Therefore the first day it would have been possible to see it was Tuesday night and Ramadhan began on Wednesday. Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries all started Ramadhan on Tuesday even though there was absolutely no way anyone could have seen the new moon Monday night.