Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Real Champion

Yes, I am alive and kickin. I made around the Burj in 15:11 minutes, while my brother made it in 17:30 minutes and my friend in 26:55 minutes. Looking back at 1.1 kilometre event, I think we did a good job for bunch of couch potatoes wanna be athletes.

The fasts swimmer did in approximately 8 and half minutes which means he was doing less than 50 sec, per 100 meter. That's absolutely awesome. But the real winner is the man pictured next to the person dressed in the 'Juha' costume, above. He actually pulled a man dressed in a cartoon character, in a tube, around Bur Al Arab and came in the top 25 swimmer in approximately 12 minutes, now that is a real fit athlete.


Anonymous said...

Ok, ok… I won’t shoot the messenger but this guy should join the UEA Olympic swimming team. Why you might ask?
On record the closest length I can find for a race of similar distance is the 1500m
• Grant Hackett of Australia holds the Olympic record in men's 1500 meter freestyle swimming event. His timing was 14:43.40 seconds. He made the record in the 2004 Athens Summer Games.
Which works out to be 10.47 seconds for 1100m
Let’s now compare Ian Thorpe over the 400m…
• Ian Thorpe of Australia holds Olympic records for both the events—men's 200 meter freestyle swimming and men's 400 meter freestyle swimming. He made the record in men's 200 meter freestyle swimming in the 2004 Athens Summer Games with a timing of 1:44.71 seconds. The record in the men's 400 meter freestyle swimming was made in the 2000 Sydney Summer Games with a timing of 3:40.59 seconds.
Which works out to be 10.11 seconds for 1100mm

This so called mate shouldn’t be winning encouragement awards for swimming around the Burj Al Arab (although it is for a good cause), he should be winning Olympic gold medals ladies and gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

...above should read minutes not seconds.